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August through December 2003.
Writer and Director.

A couple are engaged in a role playing game, in which they are constantly re-inventing themselves to keep their relationship exciting.


October and Novemeber 2002.
1st Assistant Director, undergraduate student project, 16mm

Unmentionable Act

October 2002
1st Assistant Director, actor, undergraduate student project, 16mm.
A college jock gets angry when he finds a guy in his dorm room smelling his secret stash of woman's panties.

Young Girls In Green Fields

March and April 2002
2nd Assitant Director, stand-in, undergraduate student project, 16mm
A black and white "sixties instruction film" about a girl's simultaneous good girl-bad girl behavior.

Held Against You

Feburary and March 2002
2nd Assistant Director, actor, graduate student project, DVCPro
Detectives interrogate a suspect about a homicide.

Silver Lining

December 2001
2nd, 2nd Assistant Director; Production Assistant, Frames Per Second project, Super16mm
A day in the life of an elderly man in a nursing home who waits everyday for his son to take him away.

The Interview

October 2001
1st Assistant Director, undergraduate student projects 16mm
A man twists his words around to give an interviewer the right impression, while the audience is shown the truth behind his lies.