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Whitney started a film journal in 2001. She took all of the notes she'd scribbled on scrap pieces of paper, napkins, and drink coasters, and organized them into specific sections in a red, three ring binder. The journal has followed Whitney all over the United States and Europe.
It is the perfect symbol of Whitney's allegiance and preoccupation with filmmaking.

"Contributive, not competitive" "Promising - but - unproven"

Sections in the Journal:

IDEAS ~ concepts, jumping off points, spring-board titles, new stories, books to adapt, themes/topics, word/phrases to use, scenes, characters, names, things to add in films, locations.

INSPIRATION ~ "movies I wish I made", "things that make me laugh", quotes, songs/music.


NOTES ~ notes from films I've seen; notes from film festivals; film terms; tips; notes from books, newspapers, television; organizations and companies to remember; potential financiers; list of oscar winners, directors/filmmakers, composers.

PEOPLE ~ contacts, local filmmakers, Hollywood executives, female directors, Emersonians, notes from lectures and guest speakers,

ACTORS ~ actors I've worked with/actors to remember/actors I would like to work with


WHAT-EVER ~ thoughts, who I gave my business card to, film related web sites, "why I want to be a director", "things to do when I make it", notes from internship at Boston Casting

FRONT POCKET ~ coasters, business cards, notes, newspaper clippings, a note from Rob Todd (film professor), etc.

BACK POCKET ~ inspiring pictures, notes, "industry guide", contact list, etc.