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"Silver Lining" was screened at the Ivy Film Festival at Brown University, Rhode Island in April 2003, along with such big name films as "Roger Dodger".
It also won several Emerson College Evvy Awards in 2002.


From Kodak's "Student Filmmakers" website

Structure is what the protagonist of Silver Lining is fleeing. Directed by Adam Jason Finmann, the drama captures a day inside a nursing home through the eyes of Arthur, a resident preparing for his last day. Arthur spends his day trying to make the other residents realize that there are many options outside the imposed habits of the home. Instead he learns that predictability is actually ingrained in his own way of life.

"I was inspired to write this film after visiting a nursing home for the first time and watching the people who live there. The bland walls, mirror-shined floors and smell all seemed so unbelievably sad," said Adam. "I met a few individuals who all seemed to have one common thread. Each of these people had one activity they repetitively and religiously performed and it was these activities that got them through the day. One woman sat by a window, hour after hour, just looking at cars drive by while another man pretended to be injured time after time so a nurse would come and talk to him."

"When I agreed to take on the script it was a comedy called The Zoo about a group of senior citizens who try to escape from an old age home," said producer Ken Franchi, who has worked for companies as diverse as Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Tribeca Productions, Apostle Pictures and The Howard Stern Show. "When we started the location scouting, we noticed that nursing homes are pretty depressing. None of us felt like making a funny movie after experiencing the home."

Shot on Kodak 320T Super 16mm film, Silver Lining was funded by Emerson's film Society known as Frames Per Second. This organization is funded by money allotted from the Student Government Association every fall. Frames Per Second uses this money to produce 4 films per year as well as purchase and repair equipment.

After having its first premiere at the Spring 2002 Frames Per Second Screening on May 2 where it won an EVVY Award for best-advanced film and best drama script, Silver Lining is on to its Final Premiere.

"I couldn't be more thrilled about the upcoming Final Premiere Screening. It has always been a dream of mine to watch a film I have directed on the big screen in a movie theater," said Adam. "You really have to give Joe Lomba credit for all of his hard work and dedication to the event," added Ken.