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Films and Videos

Whitney has been producing films since 1996.

She created ENGAGE Productions summer of 2000 and has since made several shorts under the title.

  • Richard Freshman- 20 mins, 2001
  • The Harvard Schools Trust, A Documentary- 25 mins, 2001
  • Full Metal Paint Can- 10 mins, 2000
  • Streaming Whit- 4 mins, 2000
  • Whitney and ENGAGE also produced a pilot, in association with Orpheus Productions, for a prospective TV show called "The Howie and Dan Show" in 2001. Starring fellow Emersonians Howard Kaplan and Dan O'Shea, Whitney helped write and film the episode. Sadly, the show was never aired.

    Projects at Emerson College:

  • Psychiatrix
    October and Novemeber 2002: 1st Assistant Director, undergraduate student project, 16mm
  • Unmentionable Act
    October 2002: 1st Assistant Director, actor, undergraduate student project, 16mm
    A college jock gets angry when he finds a guy in his dorm room smelling his secret stash of woman's panties.
  • Young Girls In Green Fields
    March and April 2002: 2nd Assitant Director, stand-in, undergraduate student project, 16mm
    A black and white "sixties instruction film" about a girl's simultaneous good girl-bad girl behavior.
  • Held Against You
    Feburary and March 2002: 2nd Assistant Director, actor, graduate student project, DVCPro
  • Silver Lining
    December 2001: 2nd, 2nd Assistant Director; Production Assistant, Frames Per Second project, Super16mm
  • The Interview
    October 2001: 1st Assistant Director, undergraduate student projects 16mm
    A man twists his words around to give an interviewer the right impression, while the audience is shown the truth behind his lies.
  • Smaller Projects:

  • Let's Talk About Sex...and Virginity: Rituals and Performance
    April 2002: Director, Cinematographer, and Editor; undergraduate class assignment, MiniDV, IMovie
    A short documentary exploring college students' ideas on sex and virginity
  • The Difficulties of Filmmaking
    April 2002: Cinematographer, co-director, and co-editor; undergraduate class assignment, MiniDV, Media 100
    A short, comedic video addressing the process (and difficulties) of making a film
  • Not the Jeans
    March 2002: Cinematographer, co-director, and co-editor; undergraduate class assignment, MiniDV, Media 100
    A parody of the Levi jeans "crazy legs" commercial.
  • Boston
    February 2002: Photographer, co-director, and co-editor; undergraduate class assignment, Digital Mavica, Media 100
    Digital stills of Boston set to the rap song "Boston"
  • Just for Fun:

  • GRANDmastake
    January 2003: Producer, writer, director, and cinematographer; project with the Stone family - Tory, Cameron, Graylan, and Nancy.
    Two children home alone are horrified when they mistake their grandmother for a killer.
  • Oh How the Years Go By
    May 2001: Producer, editor, and cinematographer; video yearbook for best friend Sarah.
  • In Cold Ketchup
    January 2000: Producer, writer, director, cinematographer, in-camera editor, actor; project with the Stone family - Tyler, Brittany, Cameron, Graylan, and Poco.
    When they discover their babysitter murdered by her Lime Green VW New Beetle, four children fear for their lives as they seek out the killer.
  • Whitney is also very interested in acting and takes advantage of every opportunity that comes along,
    both in her own productions and in that of colleagues. "Major" roles include the following:

  • Girl # 2- Unmentionable Act October 2002 Directed by Peter Davis
  • Jane- Remembering April 2002 Directed by Kelley Coco
  • Waitress- Held Against You Febuary/March 2002 Directed by Alyer Breau
  • Lead- Streaming Whit July 2000 Directed by Whitney Lauritsen
  • Girl- Wicked July 2000 Directed by Nik Gould
  • Girl- My Blue July 2000 Directed by Daniel Dzula
  • Girl- Blue in Green July 2000 Music Video Directed by Whitney Lauritsen, Filipe Bessa, Nathan Dalton, and Julian King