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The following resume was last updated: December 20, 2005

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Employment and Experience
Office Experience
Highlighted Interests


  • Emerson College; Boston, MA. Magna Cum Laude Graduate
  • The Bromfield School; Harvard, MA.
      GPA: 3.2
      Year of Graduation: 2001
      Awards: Honor Roll, Quill and Scroll, Poetry/Friends of the Public Library Scholarship, Senior Band Award (flute), Swim Team Letter.
      Professional courses: Adult Education Editing Clinic 1999: Certified to use deck-to-deck system and qualification for access to town video cameras and equipment.
      Media and theater classes
  • Summer Filmmakers Workshop at the Tisch School, New York University,
      GPA: 4.0
      Duration: July- August 2000
      Summary: Introduction to theory and techniques of developing and producing short digital videos, daily lectures and labs on the art of (pre/post) production. 4 college credits.
  • Kodak Student Filmmakers Program
      Summary:A work-study program for film students that takes place at the Cannes Film Festival in May and is part of the Kodak Worldwide Student Filmmaker Program. Students who are accepted stay in Cannes for the duration of the Festival, completing a work placement and participating in educational workshops, seminars, pitch sessions, roundtable discussions and screenings.

Employment and Experience

  • Mac Specialist (part time).The Apple Store. In-store customer sales and assistance. November 2005 - present.

  • Media Manager. Stimmung. Oversaw and organized post-production vault, created and distributed company reels, assisted with office upkeep, and conducted necessary runs. November 2005 - January 2006.

  • Still Photographer."Disarmed". Los Angeles. Canon PowerShot. Photography for 30 minute HD film. Directed by Justin and Cinematography by Robert Brinkmann. See "on-set photography" link on left side for examples. October 2005.

  • Editor. R.A.W. Productions. West Hollywood. Final Cut Pro. Promo video for "Hollywood Prospects", and a cooking show in pre-production, working title: "You're Invited". September 2005 - present.

  • Assistant Editor. Ten Worlds Productions. Hollywood. Final Cut Pro HD. Documentary series "Declassified" for the History Channel. Edited rough cut, logged and digitized footage, footage counts, made DVDs. May - November 2005.

  • 1st Assistant Director. "Hollywood's Heart"; Vain Glore Productions.Los Angeles. Prepared call sheets, organized schedule, oversaw entire production. 35mm. March 2005.

  • Temporary Office Assistant. Friedman Agency and Apple One. Los Angeles. Front desk assistant with responsibilities such as answering heavy phones, receiving and sorting mail, data entry, and office organization. January 2005 - May 2005

  • Development Intern. Parkchester Pictures. Westwood/Los Angeles. Reviewed and covered scripts, attended meetings, made copies. September - December 2004.

  • Film Teaching Assistant. Boston University; Institute for Radio, Television, and Film Production. Mentored high school students with basic 16mm film production on Bolex and Steenbeck. July 11 - August 14, 2004.

  • Wedding Photographer. The Lee Family. Brookline, MA. Photographed digital and 35mm b/w. May 2004.

  • Bar Tender/Waitress. The American Pavilion. Cannes, France. Served and made drinks, worked cashier, took orders, waited tables. May 11 - 24 2004.

  • Cinematographer/Editor. The Kolton Family. Cambridge, MA. Videographed Bar Mitzvah, edited project, created DVD. April 2004.

  • Editor. Lance Kyed/Emerson College. Edited project on Final Cut Pro, scanned pictures to digital format, labeled DVDs. March 2004.

  • Office Assistant/Front Desk Receptionist. Emerson College: Television, Radio, and Film Department. Professional receptionist with first contact responsibilities. Staff assistant with administrative and technical responsibilities. January 2004 - September 2004.

  • Darkroom Monitor. Emerson College. Mixed chemicals, aided students, maintained darkroom. January - May 2004.

  • Digital Production Lab Assistant. Emerson College: Boston, MA. Technical administrator of production facilities; worked directly with students on production complications. September 2003 - June 2004.

  • Mother's Helper. Nancy and Chris Stone. Nantucket, MA. Aided mother with children and household chores, provided transportation, engaged in activities, lived with family. July 27 - August 6, 2003.

  • Dance Instructor/Camp Counselor. Bonnie Castle Riding Camp at Stoneleigh-Burnham School, Greenfield, MA. Designed and taught dance routines; supervised meals and bedtimes, led activities, lived on campus. June 27 - July 26, 2003.

    • Math Tutor. Bonnie Castle Riding Camp. Prepared camper for high school Algebra class. July 13 - July 26, 2003.

  • Resident Assistant. Emerson College, campus in the Netherlands. Worked with the residences, aided students with problem solving/advice, held floor meetings, assisted staff with various responsibilities. January 2003 - May 2003.

    • Driver. Emerson College, campus in the Netherlands. Picked up/droped off teachers from/at train station (to main campus). January 2003 - May 2003.

  • Cinematographer/Photographer. Bob Mayerson. Photographed and filmed Bar Mitzvah. November 2002.

  • Intern/Volunteer. Boston Casting. Office administrator with responsibilities such as communicating with talent, working with directors on office matters, and assisting with casting. September 2002- December 2002.

  • HBO Family. Wrote/directed/produced short video Streaming Whit, which was aired on HBO for 2 year run.30 by 30: Kid Flicks. 2001-2003.

  • Mother's Helper/Personal Assistant to Steven and Kathleen Haley. Dover/Cotuit, MA; Santa Barbara, CA. Cared for children and family dog, provided transportation, traveled with family, conducted secretarial tasks for Mr. Haley. May - August 2001/02.

  • Desk Receptionist. Emerson College. Boston. Answered phones, checked in guests, and swiped ID cards for security measures. January 2001- May 2001.

  • Cinematographer at the Subtech 6th International Conference on Substantive Technology and Legal Education at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Video recorded several meetings throughout the three day conference. September 2000.

  • Page. Harvard Public Library, Harvard, MA: Part-time. Shelved returned books and covered new items. October 1999- March 2001.

  • Tutor. Aided elementary student with math, writing, science, and social studies assignments twice a week. October 1999 - April 2000.

  • Flute Tutor.Aided and practiced with young flutist. January 1998 - April 1998.

  • Caretaker of several children and pets in the town of Harvard, MA. Tend to children and pets, cook meals, provide transportation. May 1994- present.


Click here to view Whitney's specific office experience (machinery, software)
  • Video editing- Final Cut Pro, Avid Express, Media 100, I Movie, Pinnacle Systems, Linear/Deck to Deck.
  • Film Editing- Steenbeck, Rivas and Guillotine Splicers.
  • Still photography and darkroom experience/skills (black and white)
  • Computer proficiency- PC and Mac
    • Word/script processing- Microsoft Word/Works, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Money, Word Perfect, ScriptMaker; Typing speed: 50 wpm
    • Photoshop; After Effects; Live Type; DVD Studio Pro
    • HTML, Dreamweaver
  • Speak and write French
  • MA Drivers license- possession of car, ability to drive manuel/stick shift.

Highlighted Interests

    Dance (hip-hop), rollerblading, music, psychology, Australia, Europe, Shakespeare, marine life, health/exercise, the New VW Beetle (proud owner), The Simpsons.

References are availible upon request

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