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On Sunday, Dec. 7 at 7:30 p.m. the Row Twelve Chamber Ensemble will present "Time Wrap: Music -Words - Film" at the Unitarian Church. The concert features the premiere of a short film by Whitney Lauritsen of Harvard, currently a film major at Emerson College in Boston. Whitney's piece, " jarred past," uses a soundtrack by Row Twelve while exploring the ephemeral quality of snowflakes. Row Twelve, a chamber group based in Stow, has been presenting innovative music and performance pieces in the New England area since 1988. Admission is $12; $8 for seniors and students; children under 14 are free. For information contact Katherine Kleitz 978-568-0820.

A short film by Whitney Lauritsen of Bolton Road will be premiered Dec. 7 at the Unitarian Church in a multimedia concert performed by Row Twelve Chamber Ensemble. Marc Lauritsen, also of Bolton Road, will perform a jazz improvisation on Bill Haggard's song, "What's New?" at the same concert. Whitney, a 2001 graduate of Bromfield, is currently a film major at Emerson College in Boston.