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Whitney's latest project, "LATELY", was nominated for best cinematography at Emerson College's EVVY Awards and was also included in the Latent Image Film Festival at Emerson on April 23, 2005. Check out the movie by clicking on the LATELY link to your left.

Cannes 2004!

Click here to see
"Streaming Whit", the video that launched ENGAGE Productions.

Visit "Richard Freshman" and "Jarred Past" on the left menu to view clips.

Contact Whitney via America Online Instant Messenger: "engageproduction"


Whitney Lauritsen, president of ENGAGE Productions, has made and worked on several films and videos, including "Streaming Whit" which was featured on HBO's "30 by 30: Kid Flicks" in January of 2002.

Whitney is a film graduate from Emerson College, a performing arts and communications school in Boston, MA. Over the span of her three and a half years there she worked on several films, taking positions such as Director, 1st and 2nd Assistant Director and Production Assistant.

Now living in Los Angeles, Whitney currently works part-time at The Apple Store, where she enjoys showcasing her love and appreciation for Mac computers.


For the majority of 2005 she worked as an assistant video editor for Ten Worlds Productions in Hollywood. The show, "Declassified", is currently airing on the History Channel on Thursday evenings at 10pm.

Whitney spent Fall 2004 interning at Parkchester Pictures, helmed by Jerry Offsay, former head of programming at Showtime.

In December 2004 Whitney finished "Lately", a project she wrote, directed, and starred in. A copy of her reel on either DVD or VHS can be obtained by contacting Whitney via email (see below).

Whitney's most recent film related achievement is her Kodak Student Filmmakers internship at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2004. She spent 17 days in France working at the American Pavillion. If you are visiting this site as a contact from Cannes, please send an email and keep in touch!

During her fall 2002 semester Whitney had a part-time internship at Boston Casting, a prestigious film and television casting service for actors in the New England region.

Whitney spent spring 2003 studying at Emerson's abroad program in the Netherlands, which combined a full semester course load (four classes) with traveling on breaks and weekends, and the optional position of being one of two Resident Assistants at the 3 and a half month long program. Visit her website to learn about the experience.

Aware of the lack of prominent female filmmakers in Hollywood, Whitney recently created a web site devoted to information about women directors, as well as writers and producers. The site is a spin off of an essay she wrote for a media business class at Emerson, which is included on the page. Click here to visit "Female Filmmakers".

Contact Whitney via America Online Instant Messenger: "engageproduction"